About Me

Welcome to marilynsachs.com! My name is Marilyn Sachs and I graduated with a degree of Mass Communication from the University of California. I was active during my college days mostly joining public speaking competitions and debates. Preparing for these competitions, I needed a lot of discipline, confidence, and a ton of pep talk to myself. I developed a series of habits that made me confident in everything that I do.

After college, I worked as a part of a marketing team for a digital advertising agency where I improved my creativity. While juggling office work, I wrote several books that focus on personality development that I later on sold online. My books grew popularity and received very good feedback that I decided to jumpstart a new career as a personality development coach.

Today, I give talks to university students, company events, and provide one on one coaching. I put up this website to share what I have learned in personality development and create a community of confident people who always win.