Self Discipline: Sex Drive Or Success Drive

Boy’z rule your dick or your dick will rule you. It’s that simple fellers, you can only serve one the head up top or the head down below. Why should you have to choose, well at time’s the head down below or the dick head gets us in to trouble, some time we make choices based upon dick expression and not wisdom, choices that we often regret, lack of dick control can really delay the achievement of your goals and slow down personal development.

Dick control

On a personal note I’ve made some of my greatest achievements when I put my dick on a leash and stopped trying to conquer the female Queendom single handily, my man hoe days had to come to an end, success drive had to come before sex drive.

I set my mind on more productive and long lasting pleasure‘s, focused on my talents, skills and abilities. I aimed my creative energy into art, yoga, qi gong, meditation, I took course’s, I read books, I worked on my personal skills, increased my income, etc – My mind became erect, and it ejaculated with creativity a kinda mental spiritual orgasm which became a way of life, it does not mean I’m against punnarni (sex) but it does mean I’ve became more intelligent conscious, with and of, my energy and time.

Consciousness and energy

Where attention goes energy flows, and depending as to what your attention is on blood will Flow and the little head will get a nice health glow, which is good when it’s time for your MR Lover man swagger mode it will be game on. But when its time for you to get your business swagger on, you want your brain to glow, while keeping it cool below. Consequently it take’s discipline and concentration, in our over sexualised society.

If your surround by hot chicks, tugging on your attention in the subtle but in your face way, of the modern day women. You know what am talking about, cleavage in your face, tits framed in transparent shirts, nipple’s pointing at you from ever angle. This may sound like every man’s dream, Yes, But No, in reality it’s a nightmare.

How the hell can a healthy red blooded man be productive when his up to his neck in tits, legs and juicy buns and if that’s not bad enough, when at home you need to resist gravity of the temptress you love so much, You know how they do it, tactical waltzing around like they have not got a care in the world, trotting around in her t shirt and panties appearing out of the blue, dripping wet wearing only a towel that barely covers her chest and lower butts, catching your attention by invitingly bending over, when your trying to work. she would say its in innocence – maybe, but one thing -I do know is that men are easily turned on and excited visually, so you would think your mind would be safe when the light are out whilst in the bed , the home of rest, relaxation and regeneration. your plan is to rise up fresh and full of energy for an early bird start in the morning. Wait one minute let me tell something interesting.

Researchers found the average male turns their thoughts to sexual intercourse 13 times a day – a total of 4,745 times every year, if you have held your concentration so far – this is where the damager is, start chanting your mantra, -13 maybe your lucky number, sex may defiantly pop into your mind, when its time for that good night kiss and if the kiss does become sexual, this kiss can easily turn into three hour ramping shop or all night party (love making/sex) god help you – if you have not read Jedi discipline, all I can say is may the force be with you my friend.

The Dick head

In a relationship or single The raw dick energy will guide you into countless unbridled encounters on the wild side. Pleasure, love, lust, hot streaming passion. It’s all yours for the choosing, all you need to do is let the dick energy lead you. The dick energy is powerful; the dick energy will pull you around like a big dog tugging its owner along on a lead. But be warned being lead by the dick energy comes at a heavy cost, in this instance we are addressing how poor dick control delays the personal development and the advancement and accomplishment of your goals which we shall discuss in a bit. But first let’s look at the two polarities of your life force, its raw expression and its refined expression.

The path of the dick head is one that dominates the raw sexual drives, the ability to think logical and rational is at a low level of maturity, their thoughts are dominated by food, shelter and fantasies of satisfying the dick drive, and for too many guy’s porn and tossing off and sleep, locks their minds into a negative feed backloop of constant sex on the brain. This kind of persons consciousness is ruled by the energy of the first three chakras. Yeh I Know it’s hard we have sexual signal firing at us form every angle, you can’t even buy a box of cereal without getting a tit in your eye.

The god’s head

The refined energy of the gods head will not only ensure creative, intellectual, material and spiritual success but it will help nature, more for filling relationship, the raw energy of the lower three chakra are refined as it travels with purer quality through the four higher chakra.

The path of the gods head is multiple for one has the ability to see the illusion and decode the matrix of tits and ass this does not mean he does not get his game on, because when its show time the lucky lady best brace herself for impact, hold on to your tits for some monkey loving, because when it show time it show time, anyway the man who uses the

The god’s head

is marked by a more mature capacity to will ones self into action, to entertain thoughts over than sex. The evolved mind has the ability to look further into the future, and ponder where it sits on the great time line, creative, thought’s and idea’s are easily access not because this person is smart but because thought energy is not being consumed by the lower brain centres, so this energy can travel to higher brain centre’s

Final solution
1. Rip your eyes out
2. Cover all women from head to toe
3. Go live in a mountain cave
4. Learn Dick control

Over the course of human history/society men much like you and I have been confronted by this problem solution 1 and 2 are of course out of the question -3 some times it would be good to isolate yourself from all female human contact , but 3 is just not practical so this leaves us with the final solution 4 dick control.

Napoleon Hill sexual transmutation

Sexual transmutation Wooh, Sexual transmutation, it sound’s all scientific and technical – Well it is, it’s an Art, the art of using your brain before your bulls, directing your attention and energy, its what separates us from animals. A animal can’t control their drives, impulse and nature to the same degree as human beings. Their sexual energy or life force runs on alto pilot, we have free will, which is dictated by our level of consciousness, that gives us the ability to see and choose yes, no, maybe next week, not tonight love, Napoleon hill outlined that men who have achieved notable success consciously or unconsciously use the art of sexual transmutation. At some stage in these men’s lives there was a turning point or made a decision that set their energies on a course of action, where their new focus produce their results, you can basically say it was about success drive over sex drive.

Where attention goes energy flows, Dick Control calls for self Discipline, First fore most you can practice all the sexual translation science under the sun but with out sexual self discipline you’ll find yourself ramping with your woman all day all night, or chasing skirts jumping from partners to partner, it sounds good don’t it, Yes Love making is goooood, Putting your beloved projects aside Baaad.

Why sexual transmutation help your goals

well, you can’t say that, if your putting aside your work or projects that are important to you when you know consciously you are delaying the manifestation of your goals. This is a from of self sabotage, you find your mind over occupied with sexual thoughts you should ask yourself is this the best use of my mental energy, I find that sexual transmutation at its most basic level is the conscious management of your mental and physical energies.


What Happens When You Take Personal Development Too Far (and How to Rebound)

Finding the right balance between role performance and personal development is not easy, and it’s something that I got very wrong at first and am still trying to perfect.

Over the last few months, I’ve had a lot of experience trying to balance my performance as a Happiness Hero (on our customer support team at Buffer) and my passion for learning more about engineering, which allows me to help my team outside of the Happiness inbox.

One key learning I’ve had for myself, is that when I’m passionate about something I want to dedicate as much time and energy as possible into pursuing that passion. While this is a wonderful attitude to have, it can also negatively impact other areas of life such as mental and physical energy as well as performance in a main role.

In the early stages of my personal development, all three of these suffered. I put in 14-to–16-hour days, 5–7 days a week. It won’t be surprising to hear that I burned myself out towards the end of last year, feeling constantly lethargic and straining relationships I’ve had with friends and family.

The biggest surprise, to me, was that my productivity as a Happiness Hero suffered quite a bit. I would find myself starting each day in the inbox feeling exhausted. Some days it would feel like a grind to keep up with my usual pace, and often I missed the mark entirely. I would end days feeling disappointed with the work I put in, which negatively impacted my performance with my self-development, which negatively impacted my performance in my main role the following day.

I was caught in a vicious cycle, which led to my decision to pause my personal development work and get my work as a Happiness Hero back on track, but it got better, and I’d love to tell you how.

Using Personal Goals To Move Ahead

I don’t think I could have lived with myself if I completely abandoned my development as an engineer. I put in too much work, and I was too passionate about it to let it slide. However, I couldn’t continue along the same path. Something needed to change.

At this time, I was helping customers in Reply, Buffer’s tool for quickly replying to tweets and Facebook messages, and I was struggling to ramp up my volume of responses, one of the metrics we use to track Happiness Hero productivity. This was a big concern to me, as it made me realize how much I still had left to grow into my role as a Happiness Hero.

I started by reflecting

I took a step back and reflected on why I wasn’t hitting the level of performance I expected of myself. After a lot of reflecting, I decided I need to commit to setting myself some goals to help me level up, just like I did in Buffer’s six-week bootcamp period that every employee goes through.

This was tough. I was surprised to learn that I still had so much to develop as a Happiness Hero, and here I was trying to develop additionally with engineering outside my work time.

I set volume-related goals for my role that I knew I could accomplish

I set myself goals of answering 10 tickets in an hour for HelpScout (emails) and 10–15 tickets in an hour for Reply (tweets). These were goals that I used to set for myself regularly, without even thinking about it. Somehow, this got lost in my journey over the last year.

When I transitioned to Olark, the platform we use for live chat support, I set myself goals of how many chats I can take on at once, following up on conversations I didn’t get great ratings for, hitting 50 tickets in Reply before lunch, and hitting 20 Reply tickets while in Olark for the afternoon.

Having these goals helped me set a personal standard of performance that made me feel like I had accomplished something in my day.

Notice a trend with those goals above? Yep, they’re all volume related!

I’m not fond of measuring performance based on personal volume. However, volume is a big part of our role as Happiness Heroes. While probably not the most important aspect of our role, it’s something that affects how much bandwidth we have to improve other metrics such as customer happiness and response times.

Why Personal Goals Worked For Me

The reason I’ve been able to recommit myself to personal development over the last few weeks is that I feel like I am accomplishing a lot in my regular role.

Not only was I working on personal development outside of my normal role, I hadn’t even realized I was still developing within my full-time role. It was a lot of development! I felt better once I quantified my effort with growth on the main role, which allowed me to feel more energized about the extra personal development.

I now end each day in the inbox feeling proud of myself for the work I did that day. This gives me the energy and enthusiasm to approach my engineering work without suffering the same drain of energy I once did. I’ve also balanced the time I spend on personal development a little better this time around!

Hitting my personal goals each day gives me the freedom to spend time working on self-development, without feeling the negativity, and sometimes guilt, that I felt before.

I don’t set and hit these goals to justify my personal development time with my lead or anybody else. I do it to justify it with myself. The balance is tough to get right. Too much energy put into self-development can cause decreased performance in your main role. Constantly straining yourself trying to hit ambitious goals and “grind” through the inbox impacts the time, energy, and motivation you have for self-development.

Knowing my self-development is not impacting my performance as a Happiness Hero greatly benefits the level of energy and enthusiasm I have for the work outside the scope of my role. Knowing I can compare my personal performance against team-wide metrics allows me to be gracious with myself when I don’t hit my goals.

As a support team, our position is quite unlike other teams because the time we spend out of the inbox affects the quality of service we give to our customers. Our Happiness team is one of the strongest benefits of Buffer as a product. When we are off our game, Buffer as a product suffers.

It’s so important for our customers that we constantly reflect on how each of us are doing. Are we doing the best work that we can possibly do? Is there room for us to improve? I believe that combining personal and team goals helps us find areas we can improve on as individuals, and as a team.

The Main Lesson I’ve learned About Personal Development

Growth is something that is vitally important as a person and a professional. Whether you are looking to improve upon a skill or learn more about a topic that you’re passionate about, pursuing a passion can have tremendous benefits to your personal life and your work life.

While it’s important to track your development and measure your progress, it’s also important to measure how this personal development affects your productivity both in and out of the scope of your main role.


5 Personality Development Tips

Personality is the very thing that defines each individual. It is this collection of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make each of us who we are in essence.

Yet, if you want to stand out among the crowd for people to remember you and find you interesting, develop the attractive aspects of your personality that is uniquely your own

In other words, don’t be like everybody else always blending in with the crowd.

By being outside of the box, where self-identity is concerned, a person can adapt his or her personality whenever to continuously amaze others.

The question now is, how to develop your personality?

Here are 5 personality development tips that will be valuable in making your personality stand out, in addition to keep it open to the winds of change.

Personality Development Tip #1

The first personality development tip is to is to ask questions regarding your inner-self that will bring out personality traits that are hidden behind all the layers you put up for your external persona.

Ideally, 10 questions that focus on various aspects of yourself that distinguish you from others.

This can be viewed as “truth or dare” with yourself, and if you don’t answer honestly, you have to do something completely opposite of that self-lie.

For example, if a person isn’t known for being affectionate, he or she will have to be with someone they strongly dislike or hate. Perhaps they have to kiss a fellow coworker on the cheek or treat him or her out to lunch. It can even be one’s boss.

These ten questions should be asked and answered. For every question, that isn’t answered honestly about your personality, do something that doesn’t define or normally expected of your personality.

Do something that will surprise others seeing a different facet of your personality that they didn’t know was there.

By doing this reveal traits that can help make your personality more unique in a sort of surprising or shocking way that is big and bold larger than life.

Personality Development Tip #2

The second personality tip is to do something extroverted or something introverted in description. What this means is very straightforward.

Since personality does define us. Get rid of all common stereotypes and reinvent them.

For example, if you’re perceived to be an extrovert, attempt to be an introvert by doing the things associated with an introvert, like taking up poetries reading, endeavoring into advanced statistical analysis of that nature, etc. A contradiction if you will. The same can be said about an introvert.

Personality is something that is meant to grow and change. However, it can grow and change for the strange, and this strange can be brought out by being someone totally out of character than what is conventional.

So, with this said, you can use this to your advantage. If you never been the life of the party before, crack some jokes, get on that stage and sing your heart out, or do a one-person show to get everybody’s attention at some get-together.

Become the life of the party and revive some much needed fun into an old personality that introversion-inclined. Deliver on the fun-factor and throw seriousness out the window. The life of the party begins with a personality that can adjust to have fun and excitement in your life.

Personality Development Tip #3

The third personality development tip is be totally accepting of yourself in every way. Don’t change to suit anyone EXCEPT yourself. If somebody is not receptive to your unique personality, let them continue to turn pea green with envy and die from their jealousy or whatever else.

Staying true to one’s self means everything. If a person doesn’t like you, thinking you fall short, it is actually they who are falling short.

Never compromise to change who you are to suit others. Personality must be worn like a proud badge of honor in every way that matters most.

How does one make a personality fit them exactly?

The best way to test if a personality does suit you is to sit down and write an essay to yourself about all the things that sets your personality apart from others.

What are the few best things about your personality that make you happy with who you are to yourself, like you having a relationship with yourself as another person?

In addition, what are some of the personality traits others wished they had from you that they don’t have?

Writing this essay will not just make what you see, but also what others do see.

To thy own self be true. Find out if your personality is a truth or lie? It is only the wearer of the personality who can determine what is what.

Personality Development Tip #4

The fourth personality development tip is plain and simple. Take a personality assessment of yourself and find out if the personality that does occupy your life is the one you really want.

Happiness begins with ourselves, and it is something we give to others. Nonetheless, bits and pieces of a person isn’t a gift for others, it is more a gift to one’s self.

Taking personality self-evaluation can allow you to see what is there and what is not.

For instance, if you lack warm, how do you go about getting it? Do something to build it up. Part of having an attractive personality, is by being open to build it up even if you’re not happy with where you are. Getting the “how-to” answer can happen by simply walking up to a person you admire the most with such trait.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when taking an objective personality view of the traits that are there and not there. Review, as well as, examine all of the personality traits in detail. Which ones are worth pitching to the enemy and which ones can get the most attention possible?

Personality Development Tip #5

Finally, the fifth personality development tip is having such unique personality that is respected. You need to always be friendly, of course, but not overdoing it to be taken advantage of or compensate for something else lacking.

Meet new people. It doesn’t matter if it is in a supermarket, a park, a gym, or even a restaurant.

Personality does need some new spice once in a while. Hence, go out there and make new friends. These new friends can be the very thing to bring a breath of fresh air. This breath of fresh air will get rid of the boring old you for personality growth and development for a brand new exciting you.

Don’t Forget to Share It!

Common mistakes we do after learning about personal development

Being Overly Independent

Finally deciding to work on personal development can be a difficult task. People often give priority to things other than them, but it’s never too late to start with your own personal development. 


Many are wrong to think that there aren’t any personal development mistakes to be made because each journey is different and subjective. While that is true to some extent, you can still make mistakes along the way.


The first people’s mistake in personal development is definitely being overly independent. You’re working on yourself, and that’s amazing, but you don’t have to do it on your own. 


Many people believe that the only way to achieve personal growth is to struggle on their own. However, sometimes you may need professional help or a loved one’s support, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Having someone to guide you or as a safety net will never hinder your development, only enhance it.

Rushing Things to Achieve Goals

When you start on the path of personal development, things may seem easy. In fact, everything may seem so easy that you start going forward too fast. 


Is there really such a thing as developing too fast? There is! When you’re moving too fast, you don’t have the time to stop and observe your progress. Additionally, you won’t be able to see and process mistakes you might have made along the way. This can potentially cause you to go back and revisit things you rushed just to achieve your goals.

When this happens, you can start feeling like you’re taking steps backward and become discouraged. But personal development is never a race. This is a long process, and you should enjoy every moment until you’re at the finish line. Journeys like these aren’t to be rushed.

Becoming Idealistic in Your Ways

Unfortunately, no journey is smooth sailing. There will be unavoidable bumps on the road, and many people don’t like that. Personal development isn’t an easy process, but many still see it as a journey that will lead them to perfection. This is potentially harmful as perfection is subjective, and reaching for it is rarely a good idea.


Bettering yourself and honing your skills is great, but being idealistic in your ways can cause setbacks. Since you’re looking for perfection, you may constantly be stressed about not being good enough just yet. 


There’s always more to be done, so when is the time to stop and reflect? The answer for many people is never. They’re too busy reaching for the stars, and pausing to admire them can be a waste of time. If you can relate to this, try allowing yourself a moment to breathe. Overworking yourself in any way is never good, especially when you’re trying to better yourself.

Getting Overwhelmed by Desire

When it comes to personal development, desire impacts us all in more ways than one. Being positively or negatively overwhelmed can cause just as much harm, and that’s why you should set clear goals from the start. 


When you think about personal development, there are a lot of things to work on. This amount of work and time you need to invest can overwhelm you to the point you’d rather give up. Naturally, that isn’t the way to achieve any kind of development.


On the other hand, the potential results can also excite and positively overwhelm us. In that case, you’ll overwork yourself and push all limits and boundaries just so you can reach your goals faster. This is how you risk burnout, and then you’re back at zero. The best thing you can do whenever you feel overwhelming feelings is to pause and reflect. That’s how you’ll be able to move forward.

No Tangible Results

Everyone’s a fan of seeing the results of their hard work. So, what happens when they simply aren’t there? It’s easy to become discouraged, but understanding why there are no tangible results can help.


To get results, you need to set clear goals. Progressing on the path of personal development without goals is possible, but that’s not how you achieve results. If you don’t have any real goals to work towards, it can feel like you’re working hard but not achieving much.


With personal development, it’s all about working hard and then observing your progress. Inward reflection we won’t stop mentioning is important because that is how you track progress or potential mistakes. 


So, the reason you may not be seeing tangible results can be that you’re too busy overworking yourself. Next time you feel like you’re not progressing much, try reflecting on all the things you’ve done so far. We know it will help.

Repetitive Habits and Stagnant Emotions

It can be really hard to get yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s safe there, but getting out is the only way to succeed in personal development. Your comfort zone harbors all of your repetitive habits and stagnant emotions. Breaking away from them will be the key to your progress. For example, being constantly critical of yourself or finding mistakes in everything you do aren’t good habits to have. These can hinder your development and set you back to the start.

Many people need to seek professional help to break out of bad habits and negative emotions. This is encouraged because you shouldn’t do everything alone, even though this is your personal development. Being independent is great once you start reaching your goals, but getting help when you need it is the best thing that drives your progress forward.

What are the most popular types of vibrating butt plugs

Vibrating butt plugs are one of the best things that modern adult toy industry has to offer today. They are fun, playful and damn sexy. These toys are like your normal butt plug but with one amazing difference- they have got in-built vibrators in them to take the O-game a notch higher. Regular butt plugs are great to create a feeling of fullness inside your backdoor. But a little buzz now and then will make things really special. In fact, these toys are so addictive that once you get used to them it would be hard to go back to the non-buzzy options.

Another great part about the vibrating butt plugs is that most of these toys are remote controlled. It means that your partner can buzz you remote with these toys. Remote-controlled toys operate through a manual remote control device or through a smartphone app.

It’s to stress here the smartphone-controlled options usually offer better range. in fact, most of these toys assure unlimited range. All your partner would need to do here is to download the plug app in his smartphone. Then, when you two are in the mood for some intimate sessions, just wear the plug and let him control you in just a few taps of his phone. The coolest part about this is that the remote-controlled toys allow one to control the vibrations even when s/he is physically miles away from the actual toy. In fact, the remote controlled vibrating butt plugs are a truly a bliss for long-distance couples.

Top vibrating butt plugs for the coming year

The new year is just round the corner. It’s once again the time for new beginnings. Just like you will buy new clothes or shoes you will also have plans to buy a new sex toy. After checking the discussion above, you must be pretty motivated to start your new sex toy collection with a vibrating butt plug. So, here goes a curated list of the best vibrating butt plugs you will love to try in 2020.

Je Joue Nuo

You have a gorgeous vibrating butt plug which assures a powerful stimulation game at the backdoor. The toy is made from silicone which implies super comfortable insertion. If you are a beginner in the butt plug world, this toy would be  a great pick for you. It comes with 4.25” circumference and 4” insertable length. Mention must be made of its dual motor that only promises a truly arousing buzzing sensation at the backdoor. Whether you are craving for anal stimulation or a passionate prostate massage, this toy would be cool for everything.

In regards to the buzz part, there are 5 speed levels as well as 7 vibe patterns to experiment with as per your personal buzz preferences.

If you have plans to take your vibrating butt plug in your trip, count on Nuo hands down. The toy allows easy USB recharge which means you won’t have the hassle of carrying extra batteries here. And, yes, it’s a waterproof toy. You can safely use it for your shower fun.

Nexus Ace

With a massive 6.25” of circumference, this toy is especially meant for veteran users. If you are a newbie, don’t go for it for your initial play. You can certainly have it in your wishlist though. Then, once you get acquainted with butt plug at your backdoor, you can slowly graduate to this cute giant. However, the toy comes in medium and small options as well.

When it comes to vibration levels, there are 3 vibe patterns as well as 3 speed levels. So, you have your options to experiment with. Besides, the toy also gets brownie points for its whisper-quiet operation.

One of the best parts about this toy is its strategic design. It impresses with its smooth bulb that assures a very gentle access. On the other hand, its rigid stem speaks of added arousal and sizzling nights. The toy is made from silicone which is Phthalates and latex free. It’s also USB rechargeable which means you can carry it with you anywhere without the stress of carrying batteries.

We-Vibe Ditto

This list would be incomplete without the mention of the We-Vibe beauty.

This is a smartphone-controlled app which will allow your partner to control you remotely through the toy’s smartphone app. However, you will also get a cool remote if you don’t want to use the smartphone app. The best part about the toy is its huge range of vibration patterns. There are as many as 10 settings to choose from. What more can one ask for?!?

Another great thing about the toy is its 3” insertable length. Ditto is excellent for beginners who are apprehensive of using of butt plugs fearing pain. Thanks to its small size, the toy will slip into your anus like a dream. Besides, the plug body is made from ultra-smooth silicone that ensures excellent comfort for the users.

Ditto is USB rechargeable which means there is no need to carry batteries while traveling with it. And yes, you have a wonderful waterproof toy here which will be amazing for your plug play sessions in shower.

OhmiBod Club 3.OH Vide Hero

This toy is truly a “hero” with its strong vibration settings and smooth body-safe silicone make. You have three interesting vibe settings here- vibe, groove and tease. The coolest one is the groove part as the setting allows you to sync up the toy with songs. The product is USB-rechargeable and hence easy to carry.

Hero sports a 4.1” circumference while its insertable length is 3.5”.

Final words

Lubrication is a very important factor when you are using a vibrating butt plug or any butt plug for that matter. You will need to lube up the toy and also your backdoor profusely to ensure a painless insertion. If you are using the plug for the first time, chances are high that it might get inside your anus in the first attempt. But, don’t lose hope; it’s pretty normal for the new users. You will have to try a few more times to achieve complete insertion. And each time you will attempt to insert, use lube. You would also need to use lube while removing the plug from anus. Also, make sure that you carefully choose your next vibrating butt plugs. We thought this link might help: https://loveplugs.co/collections/vibrating-butt-plugs. They have quality products and they have detailed pictures of the products that they are selling, so you can carefully choose which ones are the best for you.

Go for the extra stretch with thick dildos

Many womens have an interest to use the thick dildo and they are willing to explore the latest updates of top brands of thick dildos in the reputable adult sex toy shops on online. They understand and ensure about the real worth of investing in the thick dildos made of high-quality materials. They take note of the main attractions of top brands of thick dildos and compare these sex toys based on an array of important factors. They consider and double-check different things related to the thick dildos after an in-depth analysis of various things. For example, they take note of the material, size, user-friendly design and maintenance requirements.

Prefer and use the thick dildo as per your wishes

You may be one among women who feel better with the hug dildo inside their vagina than the ordinary size of the dildo. Once you have decided to enhance your edgier play with the thick dildo, you can explore and keep up-to-date with the recent collection of thick dildos at first.

The thick dildo in your vagina or anus makes you satisfied and feels full and stretched to the overall limit. Large dildos play the main role in kink especially in humiliation play. If you like your partner or partners to gag while deep throating, then you can prefer and use the large dildo.

Many men are dissatisfied with the size of the giant dildo when they compare the size of their cock with such dildo. If your man encouraging you to use the thick dildo during the adult fun for increasing the sexual pleasure as maximum as possible, then you can buy a brand-new thick dildo and realize your sexual fantasies about increased penetrative pleasure with the thick dildo.

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