Self Discipline: Sex Drive Or Success Drive

Boy’z rule your dick or your dick will rule you. It’s that simple fellers, you can only serve one the head up top or the head down below. Why should you have to choose, well at time’s the head down below or the dick head gets us in to trouble, some time we make choices based upon dick expression and not wisdom, choices that we often regret, lack of dick control can really delay the achievement of your goals and slow down personal development.

Dick control

On a personal note I’ve made some of my greatest achievements when I put my dick on a leash and stopped trying to conquer the female Queendom single handily, my man hoe days had to come to an end, success drive had to come before sex drive.

I set my mind on more productive and long lasting pleasure‘s, focused on my talents, skills and abilities. I aimed my creative energy into art, yoga, qi gong, meditation, I took course’s, I read books, I worked on my personal skills, increased my income, etc – My mind became erect, and it ejaculated with creativity a kinda mental spiritual orgasm which became a way of life, it does not mean I’m against punnarni (sex) but it does mean I’ve became more intelligent conscious, with and of, my energy and time.

Consciousness and energy

Where attention goes energy flows, and depending as to what your attention is on blood will Flow and the little head will get a nice health glow, which is good when it’s time for your MR Lover man swagger mode it will be game on. But when its time for you to get your business swagger on, you want your brain to glow, while keeping it cool below. Consequently it take’s discipline and concentration, in our over sexualised society.

If your surround by hot chicks, tugging on your attention in the subtle but in your face way, of the modern day women. You know what am talking about, cleavage in your face, tits framed in transparent shirts, nipple’s pointing at you from ever angle. This may sound like every man’s dream, Yes, But No, in reality it’s a nightmare.

How the hell can a healthy red blooded man be productive when his up to his neck in tits, legs and juicy buns and if that’s not bad enough, when at home you need to resist gravity of the temptress you love so much, You know how they do it, tactical waltzing around like they have not got a care in the world, trotting around in her t shirt and panties appearing out of the blue, dripping wet wearing only a towel that barely covers her chest and lower butts, catching your attention by invitingly bending over, when your trying to work. she would say its in innocence – maybe, but one thing -I do know is that men are easily turned on and excited visually, so you would think your mind would be safe when the light are out whilst in the bed , the home of rest, relaxation and regeneration. your plan is to rise up fresh and full of energy for an early bird start in the morning. Wait one minute let me tell something interesting.

Researchers found the average male turns their thoughts to sexual intercourse 13 times a day – a total of 4,745 times every year, if you have held your concentration so far – this is where the damager is, start chanting your mantra, -13 maybe your lucky number, sex may defiantly pop into your mind, when its time for that good night kiss and if the kiss does become sexual, this kiss can easily turn into three hour ramping shop or all night party (love making/sex) god help you – if you have not read Jedi discipline, all I can say is may the force be with you my friend.

The Dick head

In a relationship or single The raw dick energy will guide you into countless unbridled encounters on the wild side. Pleasure, love, lust, hot streaming passion. It’s all yours for the choosing, all you need to do is let the dick energy lead you. The dick energy is powerful; the dick energy will pull you around like a big dog tugging its owner along on a lead. But be warned being lead by the dick energy comes at a heavy cost, in this instance we are addressing how poor dick control delays the personal development and the advancement and accomplishment of your goals which we shall discuss in a bit. But first let’s look at the two polarities of your life force, its raw expression and its refined expression.

The path of the dick head is one that dominates the raw sexual drives, the ability to think logical and rational is at a low level of maturity, their thoughts are dominated by food, shelter and fantasies of satisfying the dick drive, and for too many guy’s porn and tossing off and sleep, locks their minds into a negative feed backloop of constant sex on the brain. This kind of persons consciousness is ruled by the energy of the first three chakras. Yeh I Know it’s hard we have sexual signal firing at us form every angle, you can’t even buy a box of cereal without getting a tit in your eye.

The god’s head

The refined energy of the gods head will not only ensure creative, intellectual, material and spiritual success but it will help nature, more for filling relationship, the raw energy of the lower three chakra are refined as it travels with purer quality through the four higher chakra.

The path of the gods head is multiple for one has the ability to see the illusion and decode the matrix of tits and ass this does not mean he does not get his game on, because when its show time the lucky lady best brace herself for impact, hold on to your tits for some monkey loving, because when it show time it show time, anyway the man who uses the

The god’s head

is marked by a more mature capacity to will ones self into action, to entertain thoughts over than sex. The evolved mind has the ability to look further into the future, and ponder where it sits on the great time line, creative, thought’s and idea’s are easily access not because this person is smart but because thought energy is not being consumed by the lower brain centres, so this energy can travel to higher brain centre’s

Final solution
1. Rip your eyes out
2. Cover all women from head to toe
3. Go live in a mountain cave
4. Learn Dick control

Over the course of human history/society men much like you and I have been confronted by this problem solution 1 and 2 are of course out of the question -3 some times it would be good to isolate yourself from all female human contact , but 3 is just not practical so this leaves us with the final solution 4 dick control.

Napoleon Hill sexual transmutation

Sexual transmutation Wooh, Sexual transmutation, it sound’s all scientific and technical – Well it is, it’s an Art, the art of using your brain before your bulls, directing your attention and energy, its what separates us from animals. A animal can’t control their drives, impulse and nature to the same degree as human beings. Their sexual energy or life force runs on alto pilot, we have free will, which is dictated by our level of consciousness, that gives us the ability to see and choose yes, no, maybe next week, not tonight love, Napoleon hill outlined that men who have achieved notable success consciously or unconsciously use the art of sexual transmutation. At some stage in these men’s lives there was a turning point or made a decision that set their energies on a course of action, where their new focus produce their results, you can basically say it was about success drive over sex drive.

Where attention goes energy flows, Dick Control calls for self Discipline, First fore most you can practice all the sexual translation science under the sun but with out sexual self discipline you’ll find yourself ramping with your woman all day all night, or chasing skirts jumping from partners to partner, it sounds good don’t it, Yes Love making is goooood, Putting your beloved projects aside Baaad.

Why sexual transmutation help your goals

well, you can’t say that, if your putting aside your work or projects that are important to you when you know consciously you are delaying the manifestation of your goals. This is a from of self sabotage, you find your mind over occupied with sexual thoughts you should ask yourself is this the best use of my mental energy, I find that sexual transmutation at its most basic level is the conscious management of your mental and physical energies.