What are the most popular types of vibrating butt plugs

Vibrating butt plugs are one of the best things that modern adult toy industry has to offer today. They are fun, playful and damn sexy. These toys are like your normal butt plug but with one amazing difference- they have got in-built vibrators in them to take the O-game a notch higher. Regular butt plugs are great to create a feeling of fullness inside your backdoor. But a little buzz now and then will make things really special. In fact, these toys are so addictive that once you get used to them it would be hard to go back to the non-buzzy options.

Another great part about the vibrating butt plugs is that most of these toys are remote controlled. It means that your partner can buzz you remote with these toys. Remote-controlled toys operate through a manual remote control device or through a smartphone app.

It’s to stress here the smartphone-controlled options usually offer better range. in fact, most of these toys assure unlimited range. All your partner would need to do here is to download the plug app in his smartphone. Then, when you two are in the mood for some intimate sessions, just wear the plug and let him control you in just a few taps of his phone. The coolest part about this is that the remote-controlled toys allow one to control the vibrations even when s/he is physically miles away from the actual toy. In fact, the remote controlled vibrating butt plugs are a truly a bliss for long-distance couples.

Top vibrating butt plugs for the coming year

The new year is just round the corner. It’s once again the time for new beginnings. Just like you will buy new clothes or shoes you will also have plans to buy a new sex toy. After checking the discussion above, you must be pretty motivated to start your new sex toy collection with a vibrating butt plug. So, here goes a curated list of the best vibrating butt plugs you will love to try in 2020.

Je Joue Nuo

You have a gorgeous vibrating butt plug which assures a powerful stimulation game at the backdoor. The toy is made from silicone which implies super comfortable insertion. If you are a beginner in the butt plug world, this toy would be  a great pick for you. It comes with 4.25” circumference and 4” insertable length. Mention must be made of its dual motor that only promises a truly arousing buzzing sensation at the backdoor. Whether you are craving for anal stimulation or a passionate prostate massage, this toy would be cool for everything.

In regards to the buzz part, there are 5 speed levels as well as 7 vibe patterns to experiment with as per your personal buzz preferences.

If you have plans to take your vibrating butt plug in your trip, count on Nuo hands down. The toy allows easy USB recharge which means you won’t have the hassle of carrying extra batteries here. And, yes, it’s a waterproof toy. You can safely use it for your shower fun.

Nexus Ace

With a massive 6.25” of circumference, this toy is especially meant for veteran users. If you are a newbie, don’t go for it for your initial play. You can certainly have it in your wishlist though. Then, once you get acquainted with butt plug at your backdoor, you can slowly graduate to this cute giant. However, the toy comes in medium and small options as well.

When it comes to vibration levels, there are 3 vibe patterns as well as 3 speed levels. So, you have your options to experiment with. Besides, the toy also gets brownie points for its whisper-quiet operation.

One of the best parts about this toy is its strategic design. It impresses with its smooth bulb that assures a very gentle access. On the other hand, its rigid stem speaks of added arousal and sizzling nights. The toy is made from silicone which is Phthalates and latex free. It’s also USB rechargeable which means you can carry it with you anywhere without the stress of carrying batteries.

We-Vibe Ditto

This list would be incomplete without the mention of the We-Vibe beauty.

This is a smartphone-controlled app which will allow your partner to control you remotely through the toy’s smartphone app. However, you will also get a cool remote if you don’t want to use the smartphone app. The best part about the toy is its huge range of vibration patterns. There are as many as 10 settings to choose from. What more can one ask for?!?

Another great thing about the toy is its 3” insertable length. Ditto is excellent for beginners who are apprehensive of using of butt plugs fearing pain. Thanks to its small size, the toy will slip into your anus like a dream. Besides, the plug body is made from ultra-smooth silicone that ensures excellent comfort for the users.

Ditto is USB rechargeable which means there is no need to carry batteries while traveling with it. And yes, you have a wonderful waterproof toy here which will be amazing for your plug play sessions in shower.

OhmiBod Club 3.OH Vide Hero

This toy is truly a “hero” with its strong vibration settings and smooth body-safe silicone make. You have three interesting vibe settings here- vibe, groove and tease. The coolest one is the groove part as the setting allows you to sync up the toy with songs. The product is USB-rechargeable and hence easy to carry.

Hero sports a 4.1” circumference while its insertable length is 3.5”.

Final words

Lubrication is a very important factor when you are using a vibrating butt plug or any butt plug for that matter. You will need to lube up the toy and also your backdoor profusely to ensure a painless insertion. If you are using the plug for the first time, chances are high that it might get inside your anus in the first attempt. But, don’t lose hope; it’s pretty normal for the new users. You will have to try a few more times to achieve complete insertion. And each time you will attempt to insert, use lube. You would also need to use lube while removing the plug from anus. Also, make sure that you carefully choose your next vibrating butt plugs. We thought this link might help: https://loveplugs.co/collections/vibrating-butt-plugs. They have quality products and they have detailed pictures of the products that they are selling, so you can carefully choose which ones are the best for you.